Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SharonB's New Challenge for 2009

I keep checking the date to make sure that I haven't missed the 15th! SharonB's new challenge begins on Thursday the 15th. It's called Stitch Explorer. This is how she describes it on her blog, Pintangle.
  • "On the 15th of each month I will post details of of either a slightly unusual or lesser known stitch, or a style of embroidery. Please note I will be looking at embroidery styles as well as stitches. Sometimes it will be both. Sometimes it will be one or the other.
  • Looking at how a stitch is constructed and adapting that makes for some interesting discoveries. The same holds true when we look at different embroidery styles. Looking at how and why a style might be worked in a particular manner and investigating that, makes many styles more versatile than people realise.
  • Each month I will provide readers with enough information to enable them to explore, investigate and or adapt the stitch or style. Readers can use the challenge stitch or style on any project they choose."
  • To find out all about the new 2009 challenge, check out SharonB's blog, Pintangle. You'll find a link on the right.

To prepare for this challenge I made a section of the sampler that I will use for the various stitches. This is my "Creative Every Day" piece for today.

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