Saturday, October 13, 2012

CreativFestival - Toronto

This is the cake that CSSA (Canadian Society of Sugar Artists) members created for the entrance of the CreativFestival in celebration of the Festival's 25th Anniversary.  

And in the background, hanging on the curtain is my Flower Quilt.

The cake represents crafts and hobbies that have been featured over its 25 years:  quilting, scrapbooking, jewelery making, doll making, knitting, crochet, embroidery, smocking, and cake decorating, etc.

And this is me with my Flower Quilt at the same show.  My quilt made it into the 10 finalists in the Quilt Category! 

When the large cake was being discussed I volunteered to make the sugar "quilt" to go with the sewing machine.  Verdie (my cake partner) and I worked on it last week and Glenys (the big cake coordinator) and I manoevered it into place onto the sewing machine.

Here it is, the sugar quilt on the sugar sewing machine.

All these are made from sugar - knitting, jewelery, dolls, painting.

Cake mixer, scissors, buttons, cake decorating items.