Sunday, February 16, 2014

CQJP 2014 - February's Block

This is my second block in the CQJP 2014 challenge which is  to finish one block or item a month for a year, and then make them into something.  

This is the naked block with a few pieces of lace added.  I'm trying to use more lace than I usually do.

Here it is finished.  The centre photo is of my parents at the beginning of their honeymoon on Jersey.  This was just two days before World War 2 began.  On their second day, my father was recalled to his RAF unit.  

 I'm doing a series of blocks that represents my grandparents, parents, siblings and my children and my grandchildren.  A total of 20 blocks.

Ribbon roses.   Above the roses you can see a piece of lace where I added a small piece of orange satin under the lace flower.

I added a lot of beads and stitching to the two rows of lace trim and I like the effect. The centre bead began as a small white glass flower and changed completely with some gold thread.

This was in my stash, and isn't it lovely.  A crochet flower with variegated thread gives a nice pattern.

A little patch of roses.

Friday, February 14, 2014

My sister Helena is here visiting again, and guess where she quickly landed....on the floor with the fabric!

Within a few days of her arrival, we were out shopping and one of the pieces we found was an exquisite child's top.  We couldn't bear to cut it up and after some discussion decided that it would make a lovely cushion to go with other beaded cushions on my couch.

Here it is with the shoulder straps turned under, laying on dark brown fabric.    Anyway, from this idea, my sister made the easy move to arranging fancy cushion fronts from my large selection of beautifully beaded, sequinned, embellished stash.  Click on the pictures for close ups.

Hot Pink, the first one completed 
All the pinks

Gorgeous green
A very beautiful brown and beige
This is a close up of the main sparkly piece in the brown/beige photo.   

Stunning orange


These will be going on e-bay next week.

So this is just the start of Helena's fabric explosion.  She's here for three more weeks!