Thursday, October 30, 2014

CQ Teacups

I have been teaching crazy quilting at our local quilting store, Art of Fabric, for two years, one class a month, in four monthly sessions.  I have a couple of students that have been with me from the beginning, and are now beginning their 25th class!  We've been through, piecing and all it entails, masses of embroidery stitches, lots of silk ribbon embroidery, some brazillian, some stump work, sequin flowers, bead clusters, zipper flowers, etc., and as you can imagine it was becoming a stretch each month to find something new and interesting, especially as each is three hours long. 

This session everyone is making a tea cup pincushion.  Above are a couple that I made as samples for the class.

Rainbow strip quilt

I made this single bed quilt for our Seniors' Club Bazaar.  It was a design I saw on Pinterest, and I really liked the pastel rainbow pattern of three strips each of pink, lilac, blue, green yellow and peach.  We have a good supply of cotton fabric so I knew I would have plenty of choice. 

I made each strip separately using the flip and sew method and then joined the strips together.  The outside binding is the same white as the sashing, but it's about 3" wide compared to inside sashing of 1".  To keep the outside batting in place I sewed a button beside each set of three strips in the same colour. 

The Bazaar was last Saturday and was the second prize.  The winner was one of older members, 101 and delightful.