Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmastime Wedding

The Bride wanted shades of cream and ivory for her wedding cake.  The three cakes were an old family fruitcake recipe and cbaked by the groom's sister.  My friend and cake partner Verdie and I decorated the cakes. 

The cakes in a trial set up just before going in their boxes.

The two bottom cakes are 12" and 8" and together were tremendously heavy.  The 6" top tier will sit on a 3" round of Styrofoam surrounded by gumpaste rosebuds.

Here's a top view of the rosebuds.  I had a couple of tries at the buds.  The first ones I left to dry and when I arranged the buds around the circle they were too far apart.  So I made a set of buds with one, three and three petals while the initial bud shape was still soft, and then cut the bud short and tapered the end so that more rosebuds fitted around.

Here's the rose for the top of the cake, it's 6" diameter.  I kept the rolled petal shape by drying the petals with a small rolled up piece of tinfoil.

The wedding cake at the Reception.


Suztats said...

A stunning cake! Love the rose on the top.

grbev said...

Wow, Diane, just saw this. It is so beautiful. You use the same meticulous approach as you do your stitching. I still think about our drive back from Denver and how much I enjoyed watching you stitch and your priceless company. I love you! Bev in Utah

PS Little bully Teddy is minding his manners!