Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Gift of Life

Yesterday when I was in the car licence bureau, the clerk in the next wicket asked the customer if she wanted to sign the Organ Donor card.    Without thinking, I spoke out: "It's a wonderful thing, I have a donated organ."

Ten years ago both kidneys failed and I went on dialysis.  After waiting three and a half years, I received a kidney.  I would never know which family's sadness was my family's joy.  Donor families remain anonymous.  But it brought to mind the happiness I have experienced since that day.

During those ten years, seven of my eight grandchildren were born.   And because I am the Nana who bakes cakes, in total, probably I baked and decorated over 33 birthday cakes for these children.  

I've travelled many times  - over twenty  times to visit my friend Mo in Florida, five trips to Colorado, Utah and Missouri to the Crazy Quilting Retreats, to Scotland with my mum at aged 92 to visit her remaining sister aged 96, and many family visits to Quebec and New York.

Life is precious, treasure every day.


Cathy Kizerian said...

What a lovely post, Diane! I'm so glad you got a kidney! My son-in-law is also living with a donated kidney. I have an organ donor card in my wallet and on my license, but at this age, I'm not sure anyone (but me) would want them!

I hope you're home and doing well. I will miss not seeing you this year, but I hope we can make up for it next year!!


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