Monday, June 9, 2008

Sequin flower

While I was surfing around I found a lovely sequin flower. There were no instructions, but it was mentioned that originally instructions were in an Australian magazine. Anyway, I had a go at it and it turned out fine. You need to have sequins that are shaped like bowls, or concave. I don't think it would work with flat sequins.
This is what I did.
1. Where I wanted the middle of the flower I put a dot on the fabric.
This shows five of the petals completed and the sixth one laid out to show the order of the beads and sequins on the thread before being sewn down.   Also shown is the pattern I marked on the fabric.  The diameter of this circle is 5/8".  
2. Around the middle dot, I put six more dots evenly spaced around. All these outside dots will be the centres of the petals which are the sequins.
3. Start on one of the outside dots by pulling your needle up through the dot to the right side of the fabric. Thread onto your needle one seed bead, one sequin upside down, one sequin right side up, one seed bead and one sequin right side up and two seed beads. Take the thread back down through the fabric close to the edge of the sequin and at the closest point to the middle dot. Do a few stitches on the wrong side to keep everything snug. Then move to the second dot in the outside ring.
4. Repeat until all six are finished.
This is the finished flower with two stamens in the centre.  
5. The centre. I came up through the middle dot, threaded 3 seed beads on the needle, and came back down through the centre of bottom two beads to the wrong side of the fabric. I repeated this a few times. They look like stamens. You could use a bigger bead in the middle if you want to.


Heather said...

That's neat mum, what size is it when finished?

Diane said...

It's about 7/8" across. Glad you like it.

Rae Ann - Northern California, USA said...

What a great idea, I would never have thought to try something like this. Thanks for sharing your flower.

medusa said...

I loved this kind of flower and I had such a hard time finding the instructions. You made my day, Thank you so much for sharing!

Do you know the name of the flower/technique.