Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sick Kids Fundraiser

A couple of weeks ago CSSA (Canadian Society of Sugar Artistry) got together to decorate gingerbread houses for Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Various businesses sponsored a decorated house by donating a specified amount of money (the larger the house, the bigger the donation), and CSSA members did the decorating. Decorating was an all-day event. Many of our members baked all the components before the date, while other members came prepared with sugar cone trees, small icing wreaths and candles for the windows, and various gingerbread and modelled folks. The finished houses are on display until Christmas at the Markville Mall, McCowan and Hwy. 7, in Markham.
Here are a few photos: This is the log cabin. Verdie and I worked on this. The MansionThe Garden Centre

The Golf Shop

Train Station

Train, sponsored by our GO Train (Govt. of Ontario Train)

The Bakery

I think this might be a gift store.


Momma Bear said...

Hi there!
Your gingerbread house looks yummy!

If I could stitch as well as I sketch I would be Allison Aller(LOL!)
But, practicing is fun & practice make perfict!

Karen S said...

Happy Holidays Diane! I love gingerbread houses and these are so festive. Thanks for sharing.

Also thanks for the comments on my blog. I enjoyed my tour of the EGA Headquarters Gallery and saw some great pieces.

cq4fun said...

I can't tell you how pitiful that makes my past efforts look. LOL! Those are fabulous!

Gerry said...

These are amazing. Very cool! I love to pop in and see what you've been up to. The penguin cake is too cute.

Also, thank you for stopping by and for your kind and thoughtful words. You give me great hopes - and something to look forward to.