Friday, December 5, 2008

Lots more Details

We are getting close to the end of the "100 Details in 200 days" created by SharonB, and although it will be a relief when it is over, it has been a wonderful learning experience. It has made me try, try and try again at the bullion stitch. I've learned new ones too: the cast on stitch, the up and down buttonhole stitch, alternating barred chain, palestrina stitch and the oyster stitch. Many of these repeated during the 100 details, so each time I would look up my books, or check out Needle n' Threads' video and keep trying until I got it for the 2nd or 3rd or 4th time. I've worked through many projects, some created just to get more seams to work on. There are "details" on at least seven blocks or projects. Here are the latest details that I have completed.
Detail 84 - I can see that my stitching is improving. These little cast on stitch flowers are quite neat. I used Caron Wildflower variegated thread which is very effective here.
Detail 85 Details 87 a & b Detail 88 Detail 89 Detail 90a - Palestrina stitch.
Detail 90 b - SharonB's example used running stitches. I covered the running stitches with the cast on stitch to give it more substance.
Detail 90 c Detail 91 Detail 92 a

Detail 92 b Detail 92 c

Detail 93 a, b, c & d - a is the button group, b is the alternating barred chan, c the laced herringbone and d is the palestrina stitch, on the left.

This is a close up of 93b Underneath in orange thread is a row of herringbone. The green thread is wrapped in and out of the herringbone. Small pearl beads were added.

Detail 94a - This is my best oyster stitch to date.

Detail 94 b

Detail 95a - This gorgeous thread is my first experience with Sassa Lynne. I begrudge every little bit that ends up on the back of my work.

Detail 95 b

Only a few more to go!


NuvoFelt said...

Delightful. Glad you like the Sassa Lynne thread.

Deepa said...

You've some pretty cast ons there. Try BE if you get a chance. It is different from stumpwork ,but they can be mixed up to create beautiful 3D pieces.BE is done with Z twist rayon threads.
Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know about you.By the way, your guess is almost right - those are 45 wrap bullions :)