Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Taking photos

Here's a simple way to take close ups of your work. I saw the idea in either a message board or someone's blog, but I haven't been able to track it down.
What I have is a small opaque bucket from the dollar store. My handy friend made a round hole in the bottom the exact size of m camera lens so the camera sits level on the bucket. I use the "macro" setting.
Here are two comparisons of photos taken using the box and me holding the camera. The box has two advantages, one being that the camera doesn't move. The other is that the opaque plastic box seems to produce a truer colour eliminating the glare. In each case, the photo on the top are without the box, the bottom ones are with the box. For me the main thing is that I am not holding the camera, just pressing the button.
July 11/08 - Just a quick note to say that if you know where the original idea of the opaque bucket came from, I would really like to give them credit.


Deanna in Louisiana said...

What a great idea and one I am going to use. Off to buy a container now.
Your work is gorgeous.

Susan said...

Ah, there it is. Yes, that works great for the seams. However, the shiny fabrics will still glare with the flash. Usually, I combine a sunny day with my great light, but that block was photographed on a cloudy day, and flash was the only way to do it. It will look different next time, no doubt. =)

JoWynn Johns said...

Thanks for this tutorial. I'm going to try it, too.