Thursday, July 31, 2008

Details 27 & 28

I didn't really have any fun doing #27. I just couldn't get the angles straight even though I did mark out the row. If it was on a small block I would definitely have unpicked, but it's on this 4' x 2' 6" hanging that I'm doing, and from a distance it looks OK! #28 doesn't look like much either, but in reality is quite pretty. The bugle & seed beads and lazy daisy stitches are all gold!


Susan said...

Both seams look just fine to me. I like the insertion lace you used. Sometimes when I sew a bunch of bugle beads, I do them individually, then go back through about every three of them all together, and it seems to make them straighter.

Diane said...

Thanks for the tip! I love using beads. Do you use a special thread for sewing on beads?