Friday, July 4, 2008

Garden update

Just look how well the lettuce have come along. I'm already picking them for sandwiches. They are so tender. I planted some more in the same container and they have already sprouted. The tomatoes too are so much bigger and have lots of flowers. Just hope there are enough bees to polinate them.
In the last few days my friend and I picked a couple of buckets of strawberries and the same day hulled, washed and made most of them into jam. There was enough over to freeze several containers of whole uncooked strawberries. To be eaten later with Nestles cream.


Susan said...

Oh, yum, that makes me hungry, and reminds me of so many jam making adventures with me pouring in and my DH capping the jars quickly! I always love to look at the results lined up like this. =)

Diane said...

Susan, as well as jam we freeze fresh strawberries and they are great too later in the year.