Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Project

I'm just thinking about it right now, but it's taking shape. I have a lot of Asian/Indian stuff in my living room. For instance, some furniture from Pier 1 that have touches of rattan, curtains that look like sari material, a decorative wall hanging that I made on the lines of one from Pier 1, and a wonderful hand hooked rug in the colours of my curtains. Well, my sister was visiting this weekend past and put the idea into my head that I should make something for the wall behind my sofa in crazy quilting. It would have to be quite different from the wall hanging. It would be a huge project. The piece would need to be 4' x 2' 6" and I would have to do it in one piece. All I have done so far is to get a piece of plain newspaper print the correct size and roughly mark a grid. I have a piece of muslin the right size too. I'm going to think about it awhile before starting just so I don't make any silly mistakes. Has anyone else done a hanging in CQ this big?

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