Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shoulder bag

This bag came about because I was running out of seams for the 100 details in 200 days. I had bought a pattern at the Quilt Show in Lancaster PA in April and I was anxious to have a go at it. The front part of the bag is CQ and the back plain, and because there are only three pieces making up the CQ part, there weren't many seams, three, that's all! One of them is Detail 25 from the 100 details, another is a row of angels for the Christmas Motif at CQ4Newbies, and the third is one I made up. In the spaces I did some fern, a whirly thing and a fan which I really like. But now I am out of seams again for the 100 details.
It came together fairly easily except for the lining which I made with a nice piece of polished cotton, and cut the same size as the outside. It was just a bit too big and I had to trim it down a bit. Now all it needs is a chain or cord and some kind of fastener. The instructions call for velcro, but I want to use something else.

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Mrs. B said...

Very nice! I love the colors. The seam treatments are amazing

Mrs. B