Saturday, February 21, 2009

Storing all the stash

On CQforNewbies, there's a discussion going on about how folks store their stash. I've been involved in loads of different crafts in my life and none of them have stashes that grow so much and so fast as crazy quilting! I began last March with one small box of "fancy" fabrics and some DMC floss. Now I am bursting at the seams! I have a great wall unit that takes up almost one wall in my bedroom made by my handy friend. The unit is just adjustable shelves and 12 x 12 x 12 cardboard boxes covered with wallpaper. Most of the boxes have fabric sorted by colour. The centre open unit is scrapbooking and genealogy. There are 42 large boxes and 6 small, three quarters of them with fabric.
In my living room I have a small corner where I do cake decorating. My handy friend used an old door, a big sheet of arborite, an old sewing machine table and an extra support to give me lots of workspace. Underneath all of that are three rolling drawer units supporting the door and giving me lots of storage for beads, charms, buttons, and threads. All the drawers are used, most are full.
Within the larger drawers there are two plastic containers with beads or threads.
This system works for me. But I am at capacity and must stop adding any more stuff. By the way is there a "stash anonymous"?


JeanneZ said...

yes there is a stash annoymous it is called send me all your stuff so you have room to start collecting more. WOW you are so organized. Wish I had that problem. I am really hoping to kind of keep up with using the fabrics and not storing them. Yea right LOL!!!!

Diane said...

JeanneZ, that will never happen, believe me, and millions more!

Plays with Needles said...

Wow! YOu've got quite the system Diane. and I imagine all those boxes are FULL!! I"m with you Diane. Hi, my name is Susan and I am a stashaholic...