Sunday, February 1, 2009

UFO - owning up

Looking back to last April when I started this blog, the April 13 post was all about UFOs. I was full of good intentions but the projects that were UFOs then are still UFOs now. Only one of them has progressed and that is Mum's curtains. Not that they are finished yet, but they are hanging. Not lined or hemmed, but at least off the chair by my sewing machine. Finding a person to install the curtain rails in the concrete ceiling was a challenge. Unless you have a resident handy person, you are left with friends and relatives, and frankly, this was too big a job to ask as a favour. So I checked out the handyman section of the local paper and had one quote on the job: way over $100 which was about the value of the curtains themselves. Mum is Scottish and doesn't throw her money away. Almost all summer they lay in waiting, and finally we found a reasonable handyman who worked for $25. an hour. He took less than 2 hours to install the curtain rails and also fix the hinges on a kitchen cupboard door. My point is, why do I take so long to finish a job? I suppose the honest answer is that curtains aren't as interesting as crazy quilting. So, as this is February 1st today, my promise is that I will finish them before February 28.

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