Wednesday, May 23, 2012

East End Cake Decorators April Meeting

At our meeting in April, Glenys gave us an excellent demo all about a fairly new product called SugarVeil.  It comes as a powder to be mixed with water to a runny mixture, this stage is called the "wet stage".

Next it is spread onto special textured teflon mats and left to dry for about two hours.  This is the "dry" stage: dry to the touch, but still pliable and not sticky.  The "set" stage is when the piece is dry and brittle.   

While it is still pliable, Glenys cuts out a motifs from the larger piece.

This is another design that stretches out like a hammock.

It can also be piped into designs or letters  ......

butterfly or dragonfly wings

This and the photo below show how it can be cut to fashion a bride's gown or a dress for an old fashioned belle.

Thanks, Glenys for a really interesting demo. 

SugarVeil is available at Flour Confections in Pickering.  

May's meeting  is the Annual Cake Competition
The criteria is as follows:

Cover a board (not a cake or stryo dummy) with fondant and decorate it with spring flowers. Advanced members are required to use gum paste. The board can be displayed flat on the table or placed on a stand. There is a fee of $5.00 per entry in this category.


Monica said...

Wow, I am learning a lot from these cake posts! It's amazing what can be done now.

Anita said...

lovely sugar lace!Does it peel easily from the mat?

Diane said...

All surfaces that SugarVeil is spread onto must be greased. When Glenys demonstrated, all her lacey pieces came off very easily at the pliable stage.