Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fascinating Fun

Me and my friends Brenda (centre) and Suzanne (right) at our Seniors' Club Mothers' Day Luncheon.  

Previously Brenda organized a "Fascinator Workshop". Thirty or so of our members made their own cute little toppers, all different.
In the background you can see the quilt that Suzanne and I are working on.  This single quilt-as-you-go is in all the pastel shades with a few darker purple.  It will be sashed in dark purple.

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Susan Elliott said...

You ladies look great! And I'm SO impressed that your Mom is 96...she looks great too!

As for that new lacy icing stuff...that looks like it has loads of possibilities. You could really do a crazy quilt cake know how to do lace and image transfers...the rest is, dare I say, a piece of cake!