Sunday, February 1, 2009

East End Cake Decorating Club - Feb. 15th Meeting

January 18th Workshop was led by David Hall on making a decorated Valentine’s box using graham wafers, and molded chocolates to fill the box. Each participant made 2 boxes, 2 chocolate hearts on sticks, and 8 caramel-filled hearts. Here's a photos taken by Lyne.

February 15th Workshop will be baby cradles made of gumpaste or pastillage and using heart cutters. Lyne Coderre and Diane Kingston will lead the workshop. Various others will bring different cutters and/or baby cradles they have made, and possibly demonstrate them.

  • The workshop will consist of participants cutting out the parts and colouring/decorating them. If time permits, a baby for the cradle will be made. However, as the sugar paste must dry before assembling, the leaders will demonstrate how to assemble the cradle using pieces made previously and dried.
  • ********************
  • Ball of gumpaste or pastillage**
  • Medium heart cutter
  • Decorative embosser
  • Rolling pin
  • Gumpaste or other spatula
  • Rolling/Cutting board
  • Corn starch puff
  • Small container of shortening
  • Ruler
  • Baby head mold
  • Bag of royal icing the colour of your gumpaste or pastillage, with tip 2
  • Bring whatever you have of the recommended list. If you are missing something, we can share. **Gumpaste or pastillage will be available for sale if you don’t have any. ********************************************
  • Take a look at this website, it's hilarious!
  • **********************************************

Upcoming classes

Please let me know about any cake decorating classes you are offering.

Creative Cutters are offering some interesting classes. Check out their website Click on "classes" to get to the details.

Flourconfections have some great classes too:

Diane M.


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