Monday, February 16, 2009

East End Cake Decorators - February's Workshop

Lots of babies being "born" and sweet little cradles being crafted on Sunday at the EECD workshop. Lynn ran the workshop and instructed on how to make a cradle from two sizes of heart cutters. The red Wilton heart cutters worked really well. Other members brought samples of different cradles and cutters. A good time was had by all!
  • Lynn is shaping the baby's head and body.
Here the pieces have been cut out from gumpaste. The large heart piece is the head of the cradle, the smaller one, the foot. The other pieces are the base, and the side rails. There is also a molded baby. Our members concentrating on getting the pieces cut just right. Lynn now has the rails attached to the bottom. The finished cradle on the right is prepared ready for a canopy. This shows that the basic cradle can be enhanced and added to. Lynn prepared the canopy beforehand. For the posts she used glass swivel sticks which will go into holes already made in the heart plaque.
Diane K.'s heart cradle with her canopy design.
Here are more cradle designs. On the left a small sugar molded cradle, the centre is another design using cutters. On the right a larger sugar molded cradle. and in the front, a bare bones cradle made as an experiment. Because the bottom points of the hearts were left on, the cradle needs some kind of support underneath to keep it from falling over. The sugar molded cradles will be offered as a workshop at a later date.

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