Saturday, February 7, 2009

Needlelace dragonfly

I have sore fingers from this! And I think for a learning project I should have chosen a design with bigger spaces. The body has two rows of buttonhole stitch, in fact everything is buttonhole stitch so far. On the blog that I mentioned with the tutorial, there were good set up instructions, but I didn't find stitch instructions. Those I found in another place, But as I said, the spaces I have to fill in are too narrow. I'll finish this dragonfly, and then maybe try an angel. Annet left me a message that she has done this type of work and will look out some photos. Thanks Annet, I'm looking forward to seeing what you have made.


Annet said...

When I saw your work on friday I thought it was the same as I made. But today I read the instructions on Textiledreamer and it is not. Mine stayed on the cardboard and I finished them as postcards. The lace you make is much more work! Maybe I try this some day too.

Candi said...

It's going to be lovely when you're done. It's really looking good:)

austerebelle said...

This is beautiful!