Friday, July 25, 2008

My favourite things RR

I've joined this round robin on CQEmbellishes. It's my first RR so I have been thinking about it for a few weeks, wondering exactly what my favourite things are that can be worked into a CQ block. Two things that I want to include are cake decorating and flowers. But I kept thinking that there was something else. It suddenly occurred to me when I was working on a seam for the Christmas motif for CQ4Newbies, that Angels are my other favourite things. My Christmas tree is covered in angels, my girls have kept them coming every year for ages! So, I'm hoping that my RR group, the "Mums" (chrysanthemums) will just fill my block with angels, cakes and flowers!

Here's my first little angel on my RR block. I think she needs a halo!

Just for interest's sake I took the bottom photo without my light box. Both were taken in full sun. The box works well. There's a photo of it under "Taking Photos" on July 1.


Judy in Indiana said...

Beautiful angel! I always enjoy seeing your blog and your posts on CQNewbies! I'm awarding you the Brilliant Weblog Award.
Judy in Indiana

Plays with Needles said...

Diane, I love that little beaded beautiful!

Mrs. B said...


Your angel and your work is spectacular!! Thank you for welcoming me to blogland! I have added you to my Blogs daily reads. I look forward to see more of wonderful work

Mrs. B