Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Details 19 & 20

These are yesterday's and tomorrow's details. This is the first time I've used 13mm silk ribbon, and it's lovely to work with. The rose is a bit more than
1 1/2" in diameter.


lenasdaughter said...

Oh, Diane, the rose is gorgeous! Your work is absolutely beautiful!

Jeanette (from CQ for Newbies)

Jo in NZ said...

Beautiful rose. I tend to avoid 13mm ribbon..but this has swung me...darn it , I didn't order any with my last lot of dyers ribbon!

Diane said...

I avoided it for a while too because I thought it would be really difficult to get through the fabric, but as you can see it really fills up the flower fast! I was lucky to get a big lot of 13mm on e-bay.

Veri said...

wonderful silk ribbon embroidery :-)
greetings - Veri