Thursday, September 9, 2010

One block's seams

These are all the seams from the block mentioned in the last post.  I purposely used more fabric pieces so that I would have more seams to embroider. 

Chevron, chain with hearts, and fly stitch with pearls

Feather stitch

Coral stitch

Coral stitch

Chicken scratch

Chain stitch "pea pods" with 13/0 Charlottes

Chain stitch with beads
Buttonhole stitch
Double cretan, chevron, coral, buttonhole and chain stitch
Chain stitch scallops and chain stitch with bullions

Chain stitch


Laurie said...

So beautiful Diane, I love the work you've put into this very special block. Just perfect.

Anonymous said...

all your seams are gorgeous!!! Love them!

Ann Flowers

Anonymous said...

I love every single seam! Beautiful work, as always.

Оля said...

Thank you, Diane! So beatiful!!! I will learn at you)