Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Round Robin Favourite Things

On CQEmbellishers I'm taking part in my first RR working on someone else's block! I found it a bit intimidating to start, because it wasn't my block, but I did finally get going! The block belongs to Cathy and it's quite a large block, so I had lots of scope. I loved the fabric, silks, velvet, brocade, and colours she chose, purples, royal blues, pink, deep green, some Asian brocade, black and silver grey. So I tried to keep to those tones. Here's the whole block and some closeups of what I did. It came from Cathy with the circle crochet applique already on.


cq4fun said...

What lovely embellishments you added. I especially like the middle pic, with the intertwining wavy lines. Very pretty!

sue said...

I love your additions to Cathy's block Diane, what a shame that I am in a different group of "your favourite things" from you; I would have loved to have your work on my block

Cathy Glover said...

WOW is the word for your work! I am very thankful that you have worked on my block. Your work is so exquisite. THANK YOU!!! C