Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cathy's Bees, Butterflies & Beetles RR Block - finished

This is the last of the BB&B blocks in this CQI round robin.  This is quite a large round block and most of the work on it is fairly small, so there is lots to see.   Arlene, Cathy, Meg and I worked on this block for Cathy. I wrapped a chain stitch scalloped seam with variegated silk ribbon.   I beaded the pink butterfly, did the row of SRE butterflies above it, and the chevron seam to the left.   In the centre of the block I did a needlelace/beaded butterfly.  It's wired so the wing does stay up.  On another patch I did a beetle showdown!  I put in the big beetle first and wondered what else to fill the block up with.  (No planning ahead here....)  In the end, three smaller beetles appeared and it became a bit of fun.   I also embroidered the lilac daisy and pearl seam which is above the butterfly and the below the beetles. 


Fiesta said...

it is a beautiful block

Melissa said...

This is amazing and so unique. I have never seen anything like the technique you use. Great Job--thanks for the inspiration!