Saturday, May 15, 2010

BB&B block stitchers.

I had such a hard time trying to get these photos below the finished block photo in the last post, that I decided to do the closeups separately. 
The photo above is Janet's gold beetle.  Below, the first photo is Janet's hand dyed lace and beads. 
The second is Arlene's beetle. 
The third is Arlene's roses and seam. 
The fourth and fifth, Cathy's ladybird and beetles. 
The sixth is Janet's gold beetle and more of Cathy's beetles. 
Seventh is Janet's roses, vine and seam. 
Eighth photo shows Meg's dragonfly and the ninth is Meg's lovely piece of Bulgarian lace.  


Irish Kathi said...

Wowow...inspiring me to make a bug! Lovely work, thanks for posting pics

gocrazywithme said...

I'm so glad you like your block! And who wouldn't? It turned out awesome!
One correction; the hand-dyed, beaded lace is from me.

Diane said...

Thanks, Janet for setting me straight! There was so much lovely stitching, and not all of it was claimed in the notes. I will bring it to Colorado this September, for sure!