Thursday, May 13, 2010

A possibility

This may become a second star quilt!  Fabric for these three blocks came from a friend from our Seniors' group, who passed away last fall. Her stash was full of beige, cream peach, browns and oranges.   I put them together using a free pattern I downloaded from the internet.  It's a very simple and accurate way to make these two triangle squares, and very similar to the method used for the star quilt we just finished piecing. 

To get the corner squares which are two light triangles joined, place two pieces of light fabric right sides together, pin the paper pattern on top, and sew on the dotted lines.
The dotted lines are the outside lines of the zig zag.  The cutting lines are all the straight lines:  outside borders, criss-cross, and the middle lines of the zig zags.  This will produce 18 folded triangles, each with one paper triangle sewn to it.  Press the triangles open and remove the paper, and there is the two-triangle square.  

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hetty said...

Your blocks looks fantastic!