Sunday, May 16, 2010

Absolutely spoiled rotten!

No kidding, I feel very privileged to receive this wonderful stitching.  The ladies in this group gave me more than I could imagine.  Nicki Lee, Meg, Rita and Darlene added some marvellous details as you can see.  Rita added the beautifully embellished  fan.  Nicki Lee the appliqued geisha with her pretty hair ornament, fan and flowers at her feet and the cherry blossom broach to the right of the geisha's head and added some
sparkle to the printed fans, third photo from top.  Darlene added the button cluster, gold character, diamond seam with pearls and stars, the seam on the peony patch, Mount Fiji, and feather stitch patch with the pearls.  Meg did everything else, the unusual crochet fan with her signature gold wheel, the pretty fan seam to the left of the crochet fan and the green and pink seam in the second photo from the top. 
Well......true to form, all the photos have changed order when I changed them from centred to right align, who knows why!  But they are staying the way they are.


Fiesta said...

Diane, the block is stunning.

Meg said...

Hi Diane- Yes, I did do the crocheted fan and the dragonfly. The green seam with pink beads wasn't me, though. I did the straight stitch seam by the fan and the wheel/fan seam. I also did the meandering outline stitch just above the fan. I -thought- I wrote in your book! I'm sorry.