Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another "sweet" day

Do you remember the post last week with all those little faces? Well, here is the resulting cake, finished. My friend Verdie and I worked all day on these five and three others. The occasion is a meeting at a local church of "Small Group Leaders". The cakes are an 8" carrot cake heart, two 6" vanilla and two 6" lemon. All are filled - cream cheese buttercream, buttercream and lemon curd with buttercream and fondant covered. The lettering and logo are in colourflow. The cakes were varying shades of blue on a 16" x 20" fondant covered board. We just delivered this cake and some of the meeting attendees were there already. They had such a lot of fun picking themselves and others out of the faces. We hadn't actually modelled them after any of them, but certainly there were some similarities!
This looked so pretty! An 8" "black fruit cake" smothered in gum paste flowers.

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Anonymous said...

the main ingredient is the love here. That's the secret of the magic here, I think so. Such your attitude creates just the miracle.