Monday, June 15, 2009

CQInternational FFT#7 Gerry's block

Gerry's block was a delight to work on. I enjoyed so much the work that went into it before it reached me. Gerry's lovely green fabrics and the silkie in the middle, and then Nicki Lee and Mary's pretty additions. It's now time to post it on to Faye in Australia. This is how it looks now.
I added the tatting seam at the top (I wish I could say that I tatted the tatting, but I can't). I also added the rosebud vine.
A row of chevron and lazy daisy.
Bullion daisies in a shiny variegated thread and some beaded flowers. A row of silk ribbon french knot blossoms.

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Annet said...

Your bullion flowers are beautiful!