Thursday, December 4, 2008

Favourite Things Round Robin

I can hardly believe I've not posted for over a week! Well, to begin with, I've had some nice mail. In the Favourite Things round robin with Crazy Quilt Embellishers I received my own block home and Sandi's fairy block in the mail for me to add my contribution. Another parcel arrived too, with some lovely Needle Necessity and Sassa Lynn threads from Evening Star Designs. I've been wanting to try Sassa Lynn threads for ages because I've loved the look of that thread on other people's work so much. I've also been trying to keep up with the 100 details. So first here's my block finished. I love what the ladies (Sandi, Toni, Daphne, Nicki Lee and Cathy) in my group did.
and here are some close ups of some of the details. I love the icing on this cake and just look at the piping bag, it was from Daphne! The polymer rose on the bottom is particularly sweet, it's sitting on a lovely piece of tatting, one of Nicki Lee's additions.
I thought this was very effective and rich looking. Sandi did this. Here's Sandi's Fairy block as it arrived to me. Here's a nice close up of some Nicki Lee's stump work.

I'm also working on Josh's penguin birthday cake, but I can't post that photo until after the birthday on Saturday.

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Nicki Lee said...

I just loved working on your block - it was like going to a party only not being able to have a bite of the cake LOL! I'm so happy you were pleased with it.