Friday, January 9, 2009

Tea Cosy from four square blocks - continued

I'm sick with a nasty cold and sore throat, but when I'm on a roll with something, I have to keep going! I chose a maroon velvet for the two other squares and joined them together. Next, I cut and pinned a piece of thin batting to the four blocks.I joined the four blocks into a circle.I cut a piece of lining and put right sides of the lining and squares together and sewed around the top to hold everything together. Turn inside out, mark the middle of each block across the top. Overstitch from the outside in (from where the CQ block and the velvet block are stitched together) to the middle mark. Repeat three more times. I used a maroon variegated #5 perle because the thread needs to be pulled tight to bring the pieces together. Catch the outsides with your big needle so that your lining doesn't show. And it looks like this. I still have to finish the bottom edge and find a knob of sorts for the top centre.

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