Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Definitely a day to stay inside

It's been snowing all day long. The roads are too slippery to venture out, so, hey, I'm gonna sew all day!
I've got three projects on the go and one rolling around gently in my mind! I'm still on the tea cosy merry-go-round, finishing up the second and third ones from four squares. Not quite true, the navy blue one with the cherry blossom flowers is made from one long rectangle. This one is not a crazy quilted one, so there are no pieces to join. I have had a bit of fun with this. I've sewn pink beads to the little sprays of flowers on the fabric. It looks quite nice. I also found the nicest little bobble for the top to pick it up with. It's about 1" dia., metal, cloisonne bought in the $1 store!The green cq tea cosy just needs it's hem taken up and a knob on the top.
And the cushion cover I'm making for my sister is just waiting to be moved to the sewing machine to sew it all together. The "percolating in my mind" project is wondering how to use this fabric in the chicken scratch project I'm taking part in. They are 3/8" squares.


Kay said...

Hi Diane, We are getting snow in Central Pennsylvania today too... I wish I could have stayed in and sewed as I watched it fall, but I had to go in to work :( I like the colors of the tea cozy....that is a lovely project. Please post a photo of the cushion when its finished.... I'm pretty sure I'm gonna love that too!

Sandy said...

Great tea cozies. You've given me an idea of how to push the chicken scratch. Thanks for visiting my blog.