Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tea Cosy from four square blocks

I saw a neat tea cosy this past weekend. It was just four 8" square blocks. They fit together this way: Picture the four squares, each piece folded in half vertically, with the right sides together. Now, still folded, pick up two squares and put two wrong sides together and sew up the long side. Still folded, sew together the two top half pieces that have their wrong sides facing each other. The top sewing should only reach the middle of the block. Repeat with the other two blocks. Today I prepared two CQ blocks, 8" square and will embroider these. The other two squares will be plain. Since I posted this yesterday, I've been thinking. If you just wanted to make a very quick tea cosy, then instead of having four pieces that you join together, start off with the equivalent of that, 8" x 32". Join to make a circle, fold in half and mark the folds, fold in half the other way and mark the folds. Half way between the marked folds becomes the centre and should be tacked together. Then sew the four top edges together.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to follow directions with some muslin. I'm not visualizing well. LOL!