Sunday, April 13, 2008

UFO Resolution

I'm ashamed of my UFO's. that means unfinished objects, or unfinished projects. Really, I cannot count the number I have. Included in the UFOs are living and dining room curtains for my mum's apartment, a handkerchief quilt, an appliqued wildflower quilt, a quilted jacket using Japanese fabrics, place mats, knitting.... I'm also trying to learn needle tatting from a book. trouble with me is that I get interested in something new and am not disciplined enough to complete the project I just set aside. But, I'm going to have a serious try at finished up some of those neglected projects. In fact, I'm giving myself two months for each UFO (that means that I can still work on other things too). April and May will be for the curtains. If I get them finished I can start a new UFO (if I want), or wait until June to begin. Sounds like a plan.

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