Monday, April 28, 2008

Busing it.

Because I cannot drive with one arm, today I took the "Flag Bus" to my hairdresser. We are lucky in our condo that the Flag bus actually makes a stop right outside our front door. The schedule is a little thin, about every two hours, but, hey, at $1.75 a ride, it's cheaper than a taxi and better than always asking for rides from friends. The bus just happened to let me off outside a book store that I have never been in before, and as I had about 35 minutes to kill before my hair appointment, I went inside to look. Well.....there was a rack of non-fiction books for 75% off and I came away with French Knot Pictures by Christine Harris, Garden Landscapes in Silk Ribbon Embroidery by Helen Dafter, and Silk Ribbon Machine Embroidery by Nancy Bednar, all for a total of $26. The machine embroidery book has some nice patterns that are easily adaptable to hand embroidery; I don't expect I'll every use my sewing machine for SRE!

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