Saturday, April 26, 2008

A good day

Well, I have to say that today I felt that I was on the mend! I spent a great day with my two girls at the Creativ Hands show at the International Centre. I really wasn't sure that I could handle dodging folks who were heading for my poor shoulder, but in the end we went early and it wasn't crowded, and it was nice to get out of the house. I didn't buy a whole lot, a couple of needle threaders, a little jar of shades of pink "Flower Soft" that gets glued on to hand made cards. I did a quick make and take and it turned out quite pretty. I also bought some packages of silk thread in beautiful shaded colours. I have limited use of my fingers on my left hand, and I can manage a little bit of embroidery, but not much. I've had to drop out of the two RR that I signed up for because I would not be able to finish on time and I'm not as neat as I would like to be on someone else's block. But since I have my blocks put together for the under the sea and summer flower garden block, I'll work on them slowly and post photos of my progress soon.

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