Sunday, April 13, 2008

Trip to Lancaster, Pensylvania

A couple of weeks ago I went with my friend, Anne, and a group of quilters from the Rouge Valley Quilter's Guild on a 5-day shopping spree to Lancaster, PA, Amish country, for fabric and a quilt show. It was a day's drive there and back, so there were three days for shopping! I had a ball!! It was my first trip with the Guild and I didn't know what to expect. Can you imagine 45 fabric-frenzied women being set loose in an amazing fabric warehouse where prices are about one third of Canada's? I didn't have much on my shopping list. I needed a backing, batting and sashing for the hanky quilt and I hoped to find some silks, satins and velvets for my CQ stash. Well, at the first stop I found the stuff for the hanky quilt, and just a couple of pieces of satin as the majority of fabric available is cotton. So back on the bus, driving to the second stop of the morning I decided that I would make a jacket and found glorious Japanese prints. At the third stop I bought fabric for table mats and at the fourth stop I found tucked away in a corner, lots of bolts of satins on sale. It was a really successful trip!

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