Sunday, April 13, 2008

My newest endeavour

I recently joined an online group called Crazy Quilting for Newbies. I had been fooling around with a square just for practice and it seemed like a group that would be very patient with new Quilters and I've found that is true They also have "round robbins" (RR) where one member makes their CQblock and then it gets passed around other members who add a bit of decoration or seam, and it finally comes back to the original member with lots of interesting stuff. Members are all over the world so you might get some very different embroidery or beads or other decorations from what is available to you. I've just joined two RRs one is an Under the Sea block, and the other a Summer Flower Garden. I've also joined a Newbie Baggie Swap where I made up a baggie of a certain amount of fabric pieces, ribbon, lace, embroidery thread etc and sent it to the hostess and in returned I receive a baggie from someone else

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