Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Deanna's Pines Group - Yellow Study moving on

This is Deanna's almost finished block with Vicky, Reneta, Cathy and my work. It's going to Daphne next. I've not worked in yellow much, and it's not my favourite colour, but I was loving it by the end of the first seam.
Here's what I added to the block. Some scallops. I wanted to do more to this patch, but couldn't make up my mind on what else to add. Perhaps Daphne will finish it off!
The paisley was fun to do. I also did the seam above it.
This began with small straight stitches. Then I wove six strands of sparkly green thread in and out of the straight stitches, and added a small green pearl. After that three lazy daisy stitches in orange DMC pearl #8 and in between those three straight stitches in one strand of gold sparkly thread with a gold bead on each stitch.
A little patch of chicken scratch on the gingham patch with a pea-pod seam below.
I filled this patch with herringbone and small cupped sequins. This is the final Pines block that I will work on. What a variety there was in this group! It was great fun!

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