Sunday, August 16, 2009

FFT#7 - My block is home

I am thrilled with this block that arrived home during the past week. The wonderful variety of stitching is inspiring and will be a great resource. There are bits that I want to try right now!
This amazing dragonfly is Gerry's work, as well as the pretty fan. Nicki added the encrusted pink flower cluster, while Faye embroidered the dainty seams to the left of the fan and the far left.
In the corner is some lovely work by Mary, a cluster of chain stitched roses. Nicki added the lace topped with shell and pearl flowers.
Mary's beaded flowers are great along with a seam of lace and beads.
I just love Gerry's painted buttons. This is an amazing little cottage finished with beading all around. She also added the lace which echos Faye's circular embroidery. The dark pink flower cluster is also Gerry's work and it's exquisite. The photo doesn't do it justice. There are the tiniest of flowers and leaves there too.
Faye's circles are stunning, so neatly done. Mary added some lovely pale pink buttons.
Faye's bullions are so perfect, and hidden in amongst the rambling vine is a sparkling spider web in fine silver thread and a tiny spider. The seam going vertically through the middle is also Faye's. Look closely and you can see some tiny pistil stitches. Thank you all for the wonderful stitching.

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Aida Costa said...

That looks really lovely!! I love those circles, they're beautiful.