Sunday, August 2, 2009

FFT#7 - Faye's block

This block is without doubt the most beautiful one I have ever worked on. It arrived in the mail a week or so ago, and usually I can begin work on a round robin block within a day or so. This one was intimidating to me and I just could not think of anything that I could do deserving of the stitching already worked on it. But finally, thoughts of Faye in Australia patiently waiting for her block to arrive in August, and time running out as I unexpectedly need to travel with my 93 year old Mum to Glasgow next week, has made me get down to work. I have three areas that I am going to work on. On the right hand side and at the bottom of the block there is a small green triangle which I have started chain stitch scallops in Caron Wildflowers variegated moss green/maroon thread with small pearl beads. The blue section above it I will do some ribbon embroidery flowers. The top peach section I have a fine piece of tatting that will fill a corner or a side, I haven't decided yet. But......whew........I feel better about having begun the work.

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