Saturday, August 15, 2009

Whatever Goes RR - Pines Group

My block is home and it's beautiful. The Pines ladies that worked on it are Vicky, Reneta, Deanna, Daphne and Cathy. I've taken some close up photos to give you an idea how lovely their work is.
The spider and web and pink and green seam are Vicky's work.
Vicky also embroidered this pretty seam.
This lovely assortment of flowers and the purple beaded seam on the left are Vicky's work too. Deanna embroidered the delicate pink beaded feather stitch.
Renata made this lovely cluster of pearl flowers.
The seam of silver and pearl flowers are Daphne's contribution, the purple seam is Cathy's. I couldn't find any mention of the purple and green bead seam so I can't give credit.
Daphne embroidered this gorgeous silk ribbon bouquet.
The hearts and flowers seam and the corner embroidery is Deanna's lovely work.
This seam is Cathy's.
This pretty purple cluster is also Cathy's.More lovely embroidery from Vicky.
Thank you all so much for your lovely work. This block is a real treasure and will be part of a wall hanging soon.

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