Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sugar roses

Sugar roses for a Christening cake this weekend. It's amazing to see these little guys take shape over a couple of hours. They are not finished yet, they still need that little seed bud under the calyx, dusted with petal dust and steamed, and the wires wrapped. I'll post a photo of the finished sprays.


Anonymous said...

How were the roses done? They are lovely. Dont have time to sign up so using Anonymous. Thank you.

Diane said...

Hi Anonymous
The roses and rosebuds are built around a "bud" of gumpaste either on a stick or wire. The bud is shaped a bie like an egg, but goes more to a rounded pointed end on the smaller end of the egg. The petals are cut out, shaped and added to the bud individuallty, building around in layers. The bud has about 6 petals, the rose 11 petals or more.

nora said...

Hi Diane, i am interested to get your tutorial booklets.....just wondering do you have hydrangea tutorial as well.....very much interested in them....plse advise...thnx

Diane said...

Hi Nora

I'm working on another tutorial booklet of more gumpaste flowers, one of them is the hydrangea. It will be ready towards the end of May.