Monday, April 13, 2009

A day with Jack

Jack is my 5 (nearly 6) year old grandson. His daycare was closed today so I had the whole day with him. The day started at 7am when my daughter left for work. Jack was up and raring to go, I was yawning!
I had a few rules to follow: a quarter of an hour of reading or writing earned Jack half an hour on the computer or half an hour of TV. No easter candy before lunch and Nana (me) can give "time outs" just the same as mummy and daddy.
Jack wanted to empty out his piggy bank and count his money, so it became a math lesson. He sorted all the coins, counted them and wrote down the totals. In my books, he rated an "A" in finance!
It amazes me that he is so comfortable around the computer. He knew exactly how to load the disk for the game he wanted to play, and moved around buildings, people, roads and roller coasters with ease.
After that it was lego. I saved all the lego my three kids played with, so now there's an enormous amount of bits and no end to the fun you can have with the retro pieces. I also saved the set of "Ladybird" books that I used to teach my kids to read in the '70s. Jack is reading Book 5 really well.
After lunch we made fondant spectators to go on his Hot Wheels Racetrack birthday cake I am making for this Saturday. We were at this for over an hour and he didn't realise that the fondant was sweet and edible!
We ventured outside for some fresh air and sunshine, but it was still a bit cold and stayed only long enough to do a bit of chalking on the driveway. In between all these activities I did manage to get a bit of crazy quilting in. I'm working on Cathy's cowboy block from CQ for Newbies.
It was a lovely day, and Jack was great company. It's nice being a "Nana"!

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Annet said...

Your day with Jack made me smile!