Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baptism Cake

I sure needed some sympathy yesterday!
  • I had just put the 12" x 18" cake in the oven, and two loads of laundry washing in the laundry room in our condo......and the power failed! There was a howling gale outside, it actually picked up a bench in the outside lobby and moved it about 8'. The power was out for as far as we could see, so it didn't look good for a quick fix by the electric company.
  • The cake was my biggest concern. This is the first time I've had this experience and I was thinking that the outcome wouldn't be good. I left it in the oven, didn't open the door, and waited for the power to come back on, which it did after about 45 minutes. I can't remember how long I left it baking, but it did cook all through and ended up a little darker and a bit lower than usual.
  • I had decided to bake another one anyway, but getting it out of the pan clinched my decision. For some reason, probably the fact that it had sat in the pan runny for so long, the sides stuck to the edges of the pan and it came out losing big chunks of the sides.
  • Anyway I cut it in four and have frozen it for family! And, by the way, the bits I sampled were good.
  • The laundry took care of itself, it had an extra long soak and carried on the washing cycle to the end.
For your information, the roses, cross and letters are all made from gum paste.
Click on "baptism cake" in the labels below to see two more baby cakes on my blog.

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Debi R said...

I'm so glad your second cake turned out well. It's beautiful!