Sunday, April 26, 2009


I spent yesterday afternoon at Toronto's CreativFestival mainly looking for beads, but at this show small beads were missing. There were lots of larger ones for jewellery. There are lots of classes offered and I spent one doing a little crochet rose in wool, which I am going to try in a crochet cotton. I signed up for another - Cast on stitch, and for the first 15 minutes I was the only student. The instructor was very good, Erla Wilson, and I certainly improved under her guidance. I began with 2 strands of DMC floss just to get the idea of it, and then progressed to Iris (the wriggly stuff!). She tamed it by running it through a little moistened folded piece of sponge. After the last cast on stitch goes on the needle, she advised me to bring my thread under the needle to the back to help stop the "petal" from twisting. Also, keep a firm hold on all the stitches on the needle until the thread has been totally pulled through and the petal is sitting where you want it. Cost for materials and instruction $3.00 for an hour - well worth it in my book!


Annet said...

What a great way to learn a new stitch. It looks lovely. I do it the same way, but it took me more time to learn! Now it's one of my favourite stitches.

Thelma said...

Sounds like such a fun class! Looks great! I need to learn this stitch.