Saturday, November 22, 2008

CQ Cushion

I'm making a CQ cushion for my sister for Christmas. She knows, so I can talk about it! I've only just started, and the few seams that are completed are part of the 100details challenge. It's actually amazing how many of my project contain some of these 100 details! I kept running out of seams and have to think of another project! The cushion has enough to finish the 100, so that's good. I put this 16" x 16" cq piece together with the sewing machine using the start at the middle method, and keep adding strips around and around. It gets tricky as the strips get longer, and because I didn't want great long strips of one fabric I tried to make a long strip out of two pieces of fabric. I felt really dumb when it took me so long to figure out how to get the angled join. Anyway, it's pretty strongly made so that it should stand up to lots, but I hope nobody gets to sit on it because of the beads! I was going to try and be very minimal with the beads, but I couldn't, and they kept showing up on the seams despite my good intentions.

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