Sunday, November 23, 2008

Getting sidetracked!

I shouldn't be spending so much time on these little ATCs! But they're fast to do (well sort of) and they're fun. I'm kind of taken with angels in general and I've found that this is the perfect subject for me on ATCs. The fun of it is looking for suitable wings, and they can be almost anything that looks right. It's easy to embroider the wings in and they look lovely with beads, but I really like the one I made with the silver leaves, and this one with the mother of pearl is really pretty even though it's not finished yet. (Note: finished now, and photo above is the finished atc). As usual, I'm struggling with the binding/finishing and have yet to find some way that I'm happy with. I did try the applique stitch on the one below, but the layers were too thick.

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